kpOchs - Color Circle, kpOchs, MyZeil, Frankfurt/Main, Germany - FRANKEN\ARCHITEKTEN

kpOchs - Color Circle

The futuristic high-tech atmosphere of the new “Salon der Zukunft” offers customers an innovative and holistic lifestyle experience complete with fashion advice and pampering. Moreover, each customer seat has been fitted with integrated, touch-screen operated multimedia entertainment. The overall visual design conjures up associations with spacecraft interiors. The style was inspired by Ken Adam’s set design for Kubrick’s movie Mr. Strangelove as well as sets from James Bond. The world premiere of the Color Circle, an “intergalactic” setting celebrating the art of hair coloring, is the salon’s main attraction, which breaks with customer expectations and creates space for media interaction and events even down to the position of the seats. The white, black, gray color design highlighted with silver wall hangings adds to the elegance of the technoid ambience.

Client kpOchs
Location MyZeil, Frankfurt/Main, Germany
Project-Team Frank Brammer, Isabel Strelow
Status Realised 2010

Narrative Spaces





Scenography is not confined to  
the stage or screen, nor just to presen-tation events and trade shows. It is a design approach, rooted in narrative, that can be applied as well to individual buildings and even to urban environments.




  • CUTwalk, CUTwalk Verlag, 3/2010