Cosmogrill, Cosmo Grill , Maximilianstrasse 10, Munich, Germany - FRANKEN\ARCHITEKTEN


"This is Major Tom to Ground Control i'm stepping through the door and I'm floating in a most peculiar way and the stars look very different today ..."
Space Oddity, David Bowie, 1969

For Munich’s first high-class snack bar we developed a brand with an expressive spatial design and realized it in the pilot restaurant in minimal space (“Microrant” 80 m²). The “last snack bar on the edge of the universe” combines the profane element of the fast food snack bar and the sophistication of Japanese culinary culture, the cosmopolitan and the local. The guiding principle of the space traveler’s longing is expressed spatially through the activation of the collective memory of a past future, of the heroic Modern Age, when outer space was considered the last border and Utopia was just around the corner.

Client Cosmo Grill
Location Maximilianstrasse 10, Munich, Germany
Project-Team Frank Brammer, Prof. Bernhard Franken, Tanja Schaile, Christian Fritz, Berthold Scharrer, Isabel Strelow
Status Realised 2006
Dimension 80 m²

Narrative Spaces



As moderators of the design

process, we mediate bet-
ween reality
and possi-
bility, using architecture
to signify the elements of the narrative.





  • reddot communication design award 2007
  • Leaders Club Award 2007 (nominated)
  • LEAF International Interior Design Award 2007
  • iF product-design Award 2008



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  • FIZZ - Für die Szenen-Gastronomie,Peter Meininger, Meininger Verlag,2010

Own Publications

  • Inszenierung und Vertrauen, Bernhard Franken, Ralf Bohn, Heiner Wilharm, transcript Verlag, 2011
  • Hospitality Development, Prof. Dr. Burkhard von Freyberg, Erich Schmidt Verlag, 2010



  • Brand X, Das Glashaus, DAZ, Berlin, 2008