Sushi Circle Bonn, Sushi Circle Gastronomie GmbH, Bonn, Germany - FRANKEN\ARCHITEKTEN

Sushi Circle Bonn

Franken Architekten has designed the first Sushi Circle Restaurant in North Rhine -Westphalia. The Sushi Circle Bonn is located at Friedrichstrasse 26 in the pedestrian zone. With currently 25 local branches of companies Sushi Circle is the number one of restaurant chains in the Sushi gastronomy in Germany. Center of the Restaurant is the round continuous production line. Wall panels made of oak and red niches form a circumferential band and create a warm and natural atmosphere. The structure of the space panels is a motif, which is also in the interior on a larger scale and supplemented by a typical Japanese ornament. This is reflected in the canopy, in the bar trim and milled on the shelves. On the first floor is the fine dining restaurant and sushi cooking classes. More Sushi Circle are planned.

Client Sushi Circle Gastronomie GmbH
Location Bonn, Germany
Project-Team Prof. Bernhard Franken, Natascha Baier
Status Realised 2013
Dimension 313 m²

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