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Open Flow

"Open Flow" is a trade fair stand design for IDEAL China, a leading manufacturer of shower systems. Designed as a reusable stand, "Open Flow" was first issued in Shanghai. The concept of "Open Flow" is an enveloping band. The enclosing facade system is manifested in modular mountable aluminum cartridges, that are partly filled with opaque aluminum panels, partly with transparent, printed acrylic panels. The façade offers on three sides of the object identity-cohesion and high recognition value at the same time, as well as constantly changing insights and outlooks.
The motive of the flowing, ephemeral, occurs at several levels of the design. Thus, the flowing preparation of the floor covering is in contrast to the orthogonal arrangement of the facade modules. Water as a native element of IDEAL China, is found as imprints on all transparent facade elements again. The trade fair stand comprehends of a base of 180m ² beside to the exhibition area of the company's products a meeting area, a bar and a separate conference room.

Client IDEAL Sanitary Ware
Location Shanghai, China
Project-Team Prof. Bernhard Franken, Lars Nixdorff, Xiaohua Zhang, Nasim Delkash
Status Realised 2013
Dimension 180 m²

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