Accelerator, BMW Group, Auto-Salon, Geneva , Switzerland - FRANKEN\ARCHITEKTEN


The starting point for the communication of this BMW trade show presentation was the return of BMW to Formula One. The core message was the technology transfer from motor sport to the series. Energy channels were generated in a computer simulation which revolved around a rotating power center – the accelerator. The lattice structure used in this trade show presentation was one of the first constructions in the world to be produced individually using computer control technology and a mass customization process.

Client BMW Group
Location Auto-Salon, Geneva , Switzerland
Project-Team Prof. Bernhard Franken, Frank Brammer, Nils-Peter Fischer, Thomas Remdisch, Tanja Schaile, Melanie Ziegner

IBZ+L, Bollinger + Grohmann

Status Realised 2000
Dimension 3.000 m²

Narrative Spaces


"Parametric design, often linking the contextual with the meta-
phorical, is a
transparent and formal approach to the creation of a narrative archi-tecture."