Voronoi Chair, Deutscher Designer Club e. V., IMM 2011, Cologne, Germany - FRANKEN\ARCHITEKTEN

Voronoi Chair

As part of the global: local project , under the auspices of DDC and Asahikawa Furniture Industry , Franken Architekten has designed the Voronoi Chair. The chair was produced on computer -based manufacturing methods in combination with Japanese craftsmanship from the sustainable raw material wood. The cellular form of wood is based on the so-called Voronoi cell structure. The Voronoi Chair is created from a cluster of spatial cells that behave similarly to this Voronoi cell structure. Its overall shape is composed of a segment of a Voronoi cell. In each segment of the cell , the Voronoi cell structure is projected on a smaller scale. The fractal self- respect of shape and pattern indicates that the next lower level of the wood material ,which is invisible to the eye of the user , is made of the cellular nature. Although the form does not correspond to the conventional axial- symmetric design paradigm of a chair, the cellular covers establish a feeling of balanced proportions.

Client Deutscher Designer Club e. V.
Location IMM 2011, Cologne, Germany
Project-Team Prof. Bernhard Franken, Cathrin Loose, Natascha Baier, Stefany Kim, Christy Widjaja
Status Realised 2011

Narrative Spaces


"Parametric design, often linking the contextual with the meta-
phorical, is a
transparent and formal approach to the creation of a narrative archi-tecture."