Riedberg Villen Hoch³, Hessen Agentur, Frankfurt a.M., Deutschland - FRANKEN\ARCHITEKTEN

Riedberg Villen Hoch³

Located in the Riedberg Westflügel area, the house consist of three volumes that are combined smoothly in order to create a static yet floating whole. In addition, the villa gets its character from the uniquely designed windows allow the daylight through and fade the corners of the house into the air. Its uniqueness has been accentuate by highlighting the corten material in each side of the villa. A staircase connects the ground floor to the more private upper floor of the house. Each floor is spatially flexible to meet the changing needs of the family. The first floor room can serve both as a guest room or study room. The kitchen and the dining area get light and view to the garden through the broad window facing to the west. The terrace on the other side of the window is the best spot to enjoy the summer dinners. Meanwhile the living room extend to the south terrace and the garden. In the upper floor all rooms get benefit from daylight. Moreover the master bedroom gets advantage of a south-facing balcony in addition to a walk-in closet and day-lit bathroom. The studio facing the south-west can be used as a more private living room adapting itself to the needs of each individual family.

Client Hessen Agentur
Location Frankfurt a.M., Deutschland
Project-Team Prof. Bernhard Franken, Frank Brammer, Nasim Delkash
Status In progress
Dimension 648 m²

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