Riedberg West Villen, Lechner Group, Frankfurt/Main, Deutschland - FRANKEN\ARCHITEKTEN

Riedberg West Villen

Franken Architekten was commissioned by the Lechner Group for the design of two villa types for the development of 20 plots, from 500 m² to over 700 m², in the context of an exclusive architectural competition, with two different types at Riedberg, Frankfurt's youngest district. A dancing character characterizes the villas "Rumba" and "Samba". The defining feature of all designs is a polygonal design language that lends the West Wing district its unique character. The dynamic composition is characterized by the polygonality of the two buildings with a recessed ground floor and a dynamically projecting upper floor. The upper floor is each decorated in light colors, its lightness is supported by incised loggias. It cantilevers over the ground floor, which is accentuated by selected and coordinated colors and materials. The geometric floor with its interplay of large openings and quiet, accentuated by smaller windows facade surfaces, combines rhythm with precision. Depending on the concept, the living space amounts to around 175 m².
In the interior, the dynamics continue through flexibly designed opening possibilities between the rooms and floors. The entrance area is characterized by a staircase element with a single-flight staircase, which is accompanied by an airspace to the upper floor. The L-shaped wall, which defines the area spatially, can be closed by sliding elements to the living spaces. This creates a variety of visual relationships between the top and bottom, as well as inside and outside. Living, dining and cooking area open to a large living terrace. Upstairs, the individual rooms are accessed through a gallery-like corridor.

Client Lechner Group
Location Frankfurt/Main, Deutschland
Project-Team Prof. Bernhard Franken, Frank Brammer, Nicole Braun, Magdalena Diehm, Aline Schaefer
Status In construction
Dimension 274 m²

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