Westend, Messe Frankfurt, Frankfurt/Main, Germany - FRANKEN\ARCHITEKTEN


Franken Architekten has been commissioned by Messe Frankfurt for the redesign of a three-storey restaurant space in Hall 6.
The gastronomic and design theme of the restaurant Westend on level 1 is a regional approach. On the mezzanine floor is the kitchen, in Level 2, the Asian concept New Site.
The guiding principle in the Westend is a contemporary interpreted rustic interior, this staged in details such as the milled wood surfaces "ribbed" diamond pattern of apple wine glasses or the solid wood furniture made of oak with contrasting designer chairs and communication enhancing community tables in the middle.
The materiality and color of fixtures, rough floor surfaces and the U-shaped island with output of hot-rolled steel panel radiates warmth and cosiness in the room.

Client Messe Frankfurt
Location Frankfurt/Main, Germany
Project-Team Frank Brammer, Sebastian Stehl, Susanne Kurz, Aline Schaefer, Felix Schneider
Status Realised 2015
Dimension 1.728m²

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Scenography is not confined to  
the stage or screen, nor just to presen-tation events and trade shows. It is a design approach, rooted in narrative, that can be applied as well to individual buildings and even to urban environments.